TktTxt is the alert system for street cleaning and more.

What does TktTxt do??

TktTxt is a free service that sends email and text alerts about upcoming street sweeping in your selected area. It takes less than 2 minutes to sign up and begin your protection from those pesky orange envelopes.

What alerts are available?

We are currently providing street sweeping alerts, expiring drivers license, expiring state license plate sticker, expiring city sticker, cubs night game restricted parking, downtown bridge crossings, closures, special events, and emergency alerts.


Although we are offering many alerts, you have the ability to select or deselect many of them, as well as the type of alerts you wish to receive. Whether you are looking for a one time alert, or want to have them all season long, you are covered.


We are currently available in two wards, with additional wards being announced this week. If you are looking for this system to be running in a ward not covered, feel free to either drop us an email with the ward you are interested in, or let the alderman for that ward know you want it.