Frequently Asked Questions

TktTxt is the alert system for street cleaning and more.


How do I unsubscribe from the service?

When you confirm your account, you receive an email that has an ID# for that alert. This ID# is for that specific alert. Other alerts will not be affected by the deletion of that ID#. You may go to CANCEL and enter your information there.

Do I need to sign up each year?

Your alert will remain active until you notify us that you wish to stop.

How do I have more than one alert?

For each alert you wish to receive, you must sign up again. Each alert is treated as an individual account, and as such requires a new registration..

I changed my cell company and am not receiving alerts?

If you change your cell phone company, you will need to update that to receive the text alerts. Links for this are in your confirmation email, along with your alert ID#.

Why do you ask all those questions?

The system actually requires very few answers. Those that are required have an asterisk next to them on the sign up page. Everything else, including the questionnaire are optional.

Why we ask the questions we do:

Some of the questions may seem personal or odd, but there is a reason for each. The following questions have the basic reasoning behind them answered.

*Name - To address you personally, we are friends aren't we?

*Password - A security precaution.

*Email - This is the way we send you a confirmation email, as well as email alerts.

Address - Each of the 50 wards contain as many as 25 zones in each ward. This is to let our system target your location for updates on street sweeping as well as other events that may impact your area for ticketing.

*Zipcode - Not necessary, but it makes our system lookup that much faster.

Phone # - This is to send you the text alerts. We will not call you, this is only for text alerts.

Cell phone company - Believe it or not, the texting standard is made up of various protocols (non standard). This allows us to send the message in the correct format for each carrier, so you will receive the text.

Telephone Brand and Model - We want to be sure to include programming that works with your phone if possible.

Plate Expiration month - This is to alert you when you plate sticker is about to expire. It might not be as bad as a parking ticket, but it is painful just the same.

Drivers License Expiration month - Different drivers have different renewal lengths. Some are yearly, others are every four years. In an effort to not ask too much personal info, as well as cover everyone, we just ask the month. You will be asked to check your license because it may be expiring. If not you will be reminded again the next year. There are only two reminders for the entire year.

Cubs Night Game Parking - This will let you know when the cubs are going to have a night game so you can plan for either the increased parking restrictions or to avoid the congestion.

The remaining questionnaire info is to help us with figuring out who is using our service. Once again, do not be alarmed, we will not be inviting the evil doers to visit you.

The remaining items are really to get us an overall picture of the citizens we are trying to serve. This will help us to offer more services and opportunities for your benefit.

Thank you for your interest in the service. We certainly hope we can prevent you from ever getting another ticket.

Your pals at


Latest News

Spanish Language Alerts

The Spanish language alerts will be available starting this week. Information will be provided when you can sign up.

Sign up has begun for the 1st Ward

Alderman Moreno is providing the TktTxt service to all users for the 1st Ward. Sign up and be protected right away.

Street cleaning season is here

Starting April 1st, 2014, the street sweepers will be active. Be prepared and sign up for TktTxt alerts.

Where and when?

Unsure about your area? For the latest street cleaning lists, check and select your area.